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 Security Training Script

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PostSubject: Security Training Script   Thu Dec 29, 2016 3:48 pm

Welcome to the Security Training Programme, I will be your trainer for today.
The Security Division consists of highly trained agents who maintains the entry to the base.
In this session, you will be taught on the new command and the operations of the Security Division.
Remember to take notes and pointers as you will be receiving a test near the end.
Please do not go AFK or move around during this training session.
​Do you have any questions before we begin?

Great! There is one new command that you will need to take note of:
FTS - Fill the Security.
This means that you have to fill up the seats in the Security Station.
Please remember the FTF, FTB, CTH, BTB and BTW commands from Recruit training as well.
Do you have any questions regarding the commands?

Let us proceed with the basic guideline of working in the Security Division.
1. Let users through the gate, ONE at a time. IF 2 people are on the rollers, get one to say SS-OUT.
2. Once you’ve received a promotion, let another member have a turn at FTS.
3. Be respectful to the users that you are processing.
4. Do NOT step on the Security Tiles of other people’s, unless permission is granted by a HR.
5. Remember not to idle/AFK at work-stations. Otherwise, you will be kicked.
6. Most importantly, have fun!

Do you have any questions about the above guideline?

Fantastic! If you are on a PC/laptop, please head to this link, on another tab now:
If you are on a mobile device/tablet/iPad, please save this link or note it down, for the future.
On this website, you can see a frequently updated list of promoter’s name and tags.
Please refer to this list when asking for the most recent promoter/trainer from the entree.
I highly recommend you to bookmark this link.
An alternative verification method, for when you cannot find the promoter’s name or tag is,
to search the promoter’s name using the search user function on Habbo, and click on their profile.
Check the promoter’s motto to see if the tag matches.

[You will need to bring the Trainee to the Security Simulator for the following.]

This is the Security Simulator, where I will be showing you the steps of Security.
Firstly, when a user enters, please say, gate, to open the gate and let them move onto the rollers.
Next, check their Badge, Uniform and Motto (B.U.M) and make sure it is correct.
If they have the right B.U.M, ask them to whisper their promoter/trainer’s name to you.
Once they whisper the correct name and everything is good to go,
stand on the GREEN tile, to send them into base for work.

If their motto says, <SS> Recruit/[SS] Recruit, with the correct B.U.M,
stand on the YELLOW tile, to send them to the Training Station.
If they do not have the correct B.U.M,
stand on the RED tile to send them into the lobby and let the front desks handle it.
If the member has the right B.U.M but has forgotten or gave the wrong promoter’s name,
ask them to whisper 3 SS Rules to you.
For correct 3 SS rules whispered, you will let them in by,
standing on the GREEN tile.
For incorrect 3 SS rules whispered, you will kick them out into the lobby by standing on the RED tile.

Do you have any questions up till this point of the training?

Good, let us now begin the testing segment. You will need to answer ALL questions correctly to pass.

(Please do not copy and paste the answers in the parenthesis.)

1. What does FTS stands for?
(Fill the Security)
2. Stepping on what coloured tile will send users into the base for work?
(Green Tile)
3. Stepping on what coloured tile will send users into the lobby, out of base?
(Red Tile)
4. Stepping on what coloured tile will send Recruits for Training?
(Yellow Tile)
5. What will you say or do if a member forgets their promoter’s name?
(Ask for 3 SS Rules)

I will now perform a test with 3 different Scenarios that you will be facing at FTS.
Please react accordingly.

(Make sure that the Trainee knows how to use all 3 tiles.
Tips: Change motto to <SS> Recruit, <SS> Agent <tag> and Random motto. Remember to wear the Standard Uniform and change to the standard ID badge, for correct B.U.M)

If they had more than 4 questions right and 100% in the simulator:
Well done and Congratulations! You are now a full member of the Security Division.
Please change your motto to:
<SOF> Security Officer 3c <YOUR TAG> <AB> or
[SOF] Security Officer 3c [YOUR TAG] [AB]
(Remember to log the promotion)
As a Security Member, you are qualified for access on our forums, please sign up on:
Now, please click on the Security Group Banner in the corner of this room and request for membership.
(Try to request for badge from a Badge Admin at this point. While waiting for approval/respond, move on.)

Once your badge is accepted, if you are inactive for 14 days without a Leave of Absence (LOA),
Your badge will be removed and you will have to restart from Recruit.
If you need help taking an LOA, ask for assistance at the Help Desk.

As you are now a Security Member, you can change the colour of your uniform, however,
the uniform must stay the same, meaning, same top & bottom.
You can also use the Security Group gate located on the right side of FTF, in the lobby to enter base for work.
Do you have any further questions for me?
Brilliant, welcome to the Security Division, I will inform you when your badge has been
accepted, please BTB for now!

If they failed the training by continuously providing the wrong answers and cannot properly operate the Security station:

I apologize, you have failed the Security Division Test.
I will get another trainer to attend to you for re-training and re-testing, please hold on.
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Security Training Script
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